Volume 1 Combo - DOWNLOAD

Volume 1 Combo - DOWNLOAD

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Volume 1 COMBO includes Country Guitar Vol 1, Blues/Rock Guitar Vol 1 & Rock Guitar Vol 1 & Open Strings Guitar Vol 1
Country Guitar - Vol 1:
Over 30 country licks covering Doublestops, Open strings, Steel Bends, Outside the box playing, Hybrid picking, etc. Full instrumental breakdown. Full tabs and backing track included.



Blues/Rock Guitar - Vol 1:

Blues/Rock lesson with over 35 licks! Full breakdown of instrumental. Backing track and full tabs included 

Rock Guitar - Vol 1:
Rock licks lesson with full breakdown of licks including, tapping, sweep picking, arpeggios, string skipping, etc. Full tabs and backing track included.
Open Strings Guitar - Vol 1:
Check out the new "Open strings" lesson from Rut Bustin' Guitar. Packed with all kinds of new/fresh ideas on how to use/incorporate "Open strings" into your playing.