Life in 12 Keys Interview with Craig Smith

Check out this interview I did with Craig Smith. All my guitar playing friends on here, you need to check out Craig's site He just released a book "The 7 day practice routine for Guitarists". If you're wanting to up your game, you need to get this book. Not only is Craig an absolutely killer guitarist, he's probably one of the most knowledgeable guys I've ever met on the instrument. Do yourself a favor and check out his site and his book. You can thank me later. 

Guitar Practice Routines – An Interview with 5 Pro Guitarists

"While on my ‘Virtual Book Tour’ promoting The 7 Day Practice Routine For Guitarists, it occurred to me to ’round-up’ some of my favorite players both Local and National to talk a bit about what they practice on a daily basis.

"As much as I love playing and teaching the guitar… I also really love talking and writing about it too. It was kinda funny though.. Getting REALLY good Guitarists and musicians to talk about this stuff was a little harder than I thought. Everyone is busy gigging. That’s a good thing!

"Luckily, I was able to get these 5 Monster players to share some insight into what they’re doing regarding their own daily guitar practice routines. This isn’t a list.. they’re not in any particular order… I just have a ton of respect for these players and wanted to know what they practice."


Read the blog post here.

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