break out of the guitar rut...

never stop learning, pushing yourself & moving out of your comfort zone

You've got Brent Mason, Red  Volkaert, Brad P. Guthrie Trapp, Kenny Vaughan. TJ Scarlett is a Tele playing force to be reckoned with! Outstanding!!!


Buy these!! 

Chock full of fresh ideas! 

Paused the DVD right out of the gate to grab my guitar. 

Had it in hand for the warm-up on Country V1! 

Very well done TJ!! 

Dan W., Florida Georgia Line

This guy can play anything!

He goes from authentic Country Chicken-Pickin’ to full-on Shred like no one I know…

Craig Smith, Life in 12 Keys

I bought the Country Bundle and it is worth way more than I paid for it. They have helped me out tremendously. Thanks for a great set of lessons T.J.! You are an stellar player and an outstanding teacher.

Bryan V., Lesson Buyer

I learned more from this DVD in a few months than I'd learned in 40 years of playing!!!

Ken M., Lesson Buyer

The value of open strings is huge once you see it. Good topic.

Martin E., Lesson Buyer

TJ is very encouraging... I see something new I want to try learning every time I watch his videos. He also does NOT make an individual feel intimidated by his musical ability, and is humble in sharing the learning experience! Thanks TJ!!

Luke Kilpatrick, Lesson Buyer